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The Truth in Nicaragua

Simon Miller

Nov 19, 2021

The Sandinista’s Victory over Imperialism

42 years after overthrowing the US-backed fascist Somoza family, Nicaragua’s socialist party (FSLN) has triumphed over imperialism once again, winning 74% of the seats in the early November general election. Despite mounting tensions with the US imperialist network and the pre-planned media smear campaign against FSLN and President Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua has once again made it clear that Latin America (or at least Nicaragua) is not the property of the US or it’s corporate monopolies.

This year’s election was not the first time Western imperialists and media corporations have taken interest in Nicaragua; after the 2016 Nicaraguan election, the CIA front group known as the ‘National Endowment for Democracy’ sponsored waves of violent rioting and terrorism, violating Nicaragua’s sovereignty and putting innocent people in danger of harm. This year, however, the imperialists must have lost even more overwhelming than before, as after Ortega’s victory, there were no riots calling for his ouster, no NED-sponsored terror attacks, only tens of thousands of Nicaraguans celebrating in the streets (an event that CPI witnessed personally as members Caleb Maupin, Keaten Mansfield, and Lily Goldklang were in the country, observing their democratic process to confirm its validity).

Western media has taken to calling the election undemocratic, despite the thousands of observers and utter lack of evidence, and has promoted liberal opposition to the Sandinistas, such as the Constitutionalist Liberal Party and CxL. This strategy is perhaps the most common tool in the contemporary imperialist toolbox; sponsor and promote fringe liberal opposition in socialist or anti-imperialist nations and distort their failure as political repression. For another example, see Alexei Navalny, liberal opposition in Russia who was exposed for his direct connections to the US and British states, and who has been entirely rejected by the overwhelmingly vast majority of Russians.

The Center for Political Innovation was honored to have been invited to observe the Sandinista’s victory over imperialism, and can confidently report that, after having witnessed the democratic process on the ground, the election was legitimate and democratic. Viva la revolución and viva los Sandinistas!

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