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Ortega Victory

Center for Political Innovation

Nov 9, 2021

The Center for Political Innovation is pleased to announce the re-election of Daniel Ortega. Director Caleb T. Maupin and Lead Analysts Keaten Mansfield and Lily Goldklang have been in Nicaragua since yesterday, November 6th, observing and verifying the legitimacy of Nicaragua’s elections. Despite the false information propagated by biased corporate media such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and others, the Center for Political Innovation can attest to the validity and integrity of a fair election process in Nicaragua. US President Biden has already released his statement of condemnation against the “pantomime” election in Nicaragua, despite the election result not yet finalized and votes still being counted. The re-election of incumbent President Daniel Ortega is a clear and definitive victory for the working families of Nicaragua. The people look forward to another presidential term of progress, development, and innovation. The rejection of a return to Neoliberalism in Nicaragua comes as a surprise to few based on the national polling data as well as individual reports collected by the Center for Political Innovation. The future of Nicaragua appears bright as the people once again choose Daniel Ortega to represent their voice in the national government.

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