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Donald Courter

Mar 16, 2024

War Without End

Since North Korea, also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), came into existence in 1948, the collective West under Washington’s direction has done everything in its power to attack, discredit, and destroy the Korean Peninsula’s socialist state. During the Korean War, US-led United Nations forces slaughtered 1.5 million Koreans civilians by unleashing swarms of napalm, biological weapons, and carpet-bombings. Then-US President Harry Truman even signed an order giving General Douglas MacArthur the green light to deploy atomic bombs against China and North Korea, which fortunately failed to be delivered to MacArthur before he was relieved from duty for his cavalier attitude towards waging war:

“I would have dropped between 30 and 50 atomic bombs...strung across the neck of Manchuria...spread behind us – from the sea of Japan to the Yellow Sea – a belt of radioactive has an active life of between 60 and 120 plan was a cinch.” - Douglas MacArthur

Throughout the following decades of Washington’s military occupation in the south, US forces deployed nuclear-armed landmines across the peninsula’s demarcation line, stationed nuclear missiles in South Korea, and conducted annual military exercises simulating invasions of the DPRK.

Pyongyang’s response? In 1985, it joined the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Ratified by the overwhelming majority of the planet, the agreement is supposed to prevent non-nuclear powers from obtaining nuclear weapons and nuclear powers from threatening nuke-free nations. It was therefore clear, that the DPRK attempted to put an end to Washington’s nuclear threats via diplomacy. However, in violation of the pact, the United States continued to threaten Pyongyang with nuclear annihilation! It was only after over another decade of failed negotiations and broken promises from Washington that the DPRK finally understood it had one choice to ensure its national security – develop a nuclear weapons program for deterrence.

Over half a century of the threat of nuclear annihilation from the US looming over North Korea and the collective West’s ruling class has somehow convinced the majority of its people that Pyongyang is at the helm of a volatile nuclear rogue state, not Washington. Former US President George W. Bush even claimed that North Korea was one of the major powers in an “Axis of Evil.” That is all despite the fact that the DPRK has never attacked another country throughout its entire existence (it’s attempt to liberate the southern half of Korea from Western occupiers notwithstanding).

One has to wonder – why is this the case?

Why is a country that has made its desire to be simply left alone abundantly clear treated as if it is a maniacally aggressive nuclear rogue state? Especially, when there is another country with a blank check from Washington, Israel, which is not only violating international law by having nuclear weapons outside of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but is also committing genocide against the Palestinian people!

Genocidal Double Standards For Israel

According to Oxfam International, the Israeli military has been killing Palestinians at higher rate anything seen before in major 21st Century conflicts. Since the events of October 7th, 2023, this has translated into a slaughter that has taken the lives of over 30,000 people and injured over another 70,000 – men, women, children, combatants, and non-combatants.

All the while, videos of Israeli troops mistreating prisoners and abusing civilians have been published across the internet, illustrating the brutal nature of Israel’s occupation in Gaza and the West Bank.

And yet, Washington approved another colossal $14.1 billion in military aid to Israel last month – a single thread in the tremendous decades-old string of help that the US has rendered to Tel Aviv. The Biden Administration continues to justify the bloodbath as part of Israel’s “right to defend itself,” offering the Palestinian people only words like “[Israel] must pay more attention to the innocent lives being lost as a consequence of the actions taken.”

One can only speculate on the severity of Washington’s response if the DPRK took military action even remotely similar to what we are seeing in Palestine.

Nuclear Hypocrisy

Aside from killing tens of thousands of people living on occupied territory, Israel is widely believed to have between 80 to 400 nuclear weapons deployable via aircraft, submarine-launched cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles. Due to the fact that Tel Aviv has never confirmed or denied their existence, its arsenal is an open secret and objectively a violation of international law.

Israel has justified its outright refusal to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by citing its “national security interests” – the same justification North Korea used when launching its own nuclear weapons program. Except, for some reason, according to the US, Israel is “the only democracy in the Middle East” and North Korea is a nuclear rogue state.

Some Rules For Us – Other Rules For Them

The double-standard diplomacy Washington engages in when it comes to Israel and North Korea is a good case study to better understand the West’s genuine intentions and motivations when interacting with the rest of the world.

Any country can be defined as democratic, even if they are massacring civilians en masse, like Israel, or they have outlawed their political opposition, like Ukraine, as long as they tow the line of US foreign policy. As for the rest, they are all in danger of falling under the vague and practically meaningless umbrella of authoritarianism – especially nations counted among those in the multipolar world, attempting to break the chains of Western finance capital.

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