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Peoples School for Marxist-Leninist Studies

Jan 16, 2024

The PSMLS and the PCUSA stand with those fighting the war against Ukrainian fascism, and with this class, they seek to explain the history of Ukrainian fascism. There is a history that goes back nearly a century of Ukrainian nationalism and collaboration with Nazis and more that matters and should be understood by everybody before they evaluate the current war. PSMLS sums up that history and explain the rise of the current Ukrainian fascist state we see today.

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Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction

0:55 Video - Fascism in Ukraine, from Midwestern Marx

2:50 Q&A 1

6:55 Origins of Ukrainian Fascism

21:25 Q&A 2

30:10 Reemergence of Ukrainian Fascism 1995-2014

38:10 Q&A 3

47:20 Fascist Ukraine 2014-Present, Reading - "Donbass Cowboy"

53:00 Maidan and Odessa Clashes, Video - "8 Years Before"

57:30 War in Donbas, Video - "Ukraine: An Everlasting Present"

1:01:55 Q&A 4 and Conclusion

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