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Jan 18, 2024

Minister Yvan Gil demanded the start of the process of justice so that Israel pays for its crimes.

On Thursday, Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Minister Yvan Gil denounced the barbarity committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip during the meeting of foreign ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Kampala, Uganda.

"This is the result of the impunity with which the U.S. has been protecting the Israeli regime, even within the United Nations Security Council. This has led them to defy international law," he said.

"Hospitals, schools, homes, food warehouses, churches, and refugee centers have been targeted by Israeli bombings," Gil stated, stressing that Israel "has no intention of ending its occupation or military aggression."

"The civilian population is living in hell, and the humanitarian situation is unsustainable. It is urgent to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible and ensure adherence to the norms of international humanitarian law," the Venezuelan diplomat said, demanding an end to impunity and initiating a process of justice and reparations so that Israel pays for its crimes.

To end the genocide perpetrated by Israel, the Venezuelan diplomat proposed three specific actions to the NAM at the international level:

1. Facilitate a ceasefire and ensure access to humanitarian aid.

2. Encourage measures for an international decision in favor of the Palestinian people.

3. Establish a political horizon to guarantee a two-state solution and the inclusion of Palestine in the United Nations.

Currently, the NAM is holding its 19th Ministerial Meeting with the aim of safeguarding sovereignty, anti-colonialism, and anti-imperialism.

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