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Richard Medhurst

Apr 12, 2024

Richard Medhurst highlights how Western powers like Britain, France, and America imposed arbitrary borders on the Middle East over a century ago, creating artificial nations like Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan. These borders, drawn without input from the region's people, have led to ongoing conflicts, including ethnic cleansing and displacement. He criticizes Western colonialism and intervention for perpetuating instability and oppression in the Middle East and calls for undoing these borders and reparations for the damages caused.

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Richard Thomas Medhurst (1992) is an independent journalist, political commentator, and analyst from the United Kingdom with a focus on international affairs, US politics, and the Middle East. Medhurst is known for his coverage of the Julian Assange extradition case in London, as one of the only journalists to report on the trial of the WikiLeaks founder from inside the court. He has also covered the Iran nuclear deal talks on the ground in Vienna. Medhurst was born in Damascus, Syria. His father is English and mother is Syrian. Both his parents served in United Nations Peacekeeping and Observer missions and were among the UN Peacekeepers awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1988. Owing to his parents’ professional mobility, he has lived in Syria, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Austria. He speaks four languages fluently: English, Arabic, French, and German. As an independent journalist, Medhurst regularly hosts live broadcasts and video reports on his YouTube channel. Previous guests include the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, the Dep Foreign Minister of Iran; the Palestinian, Russian and Cuban ambassadors to the United Nations in Vienna; the former British Ambassador to Syria; and various UN officials, journalists, and more. Medhurst’s reports and analysis on Yemen, Ukraine, Syria, Niger, Lebanon, Iran, the Israeli occupation in Palestine and its genocide in Gaza have gone viral countless times, racking up millions of views. Richard Medhurst has a combined following of roughly one million people online, and appears regularly on international news outlets including Al Jazeera, WikiLeaks, Black Agenda Report, Al Mayadeen, The Times, LBC, and others. Richard Medhurst on Twitter: / richimedhurst Richard Medhurst on Instagram: / richardtmedhurst Richard Medhurst on Substack: ________________________________________________________ _______________________ #syria #middleeast #middleeastern #gaza #palestine #richardmedhurst #biden #lebanon #richardmedhurst #freepalestine #palestine #gaza #israelhamas #israel #Medhurst #RichardMedhurst

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