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The Electronic Intifada

Apr 22, 2024

Electronic Intifada welcomes tech innovator and founder Paul Biggar back to the livestream. Paul just wrote a blog post outlining how Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is deeply complicit in Israel’s genocide. He notes that Guy Rosen, Meta’s chief information security officer “is their most senior policy decision maker. He is Israeli, lives in Tel Aviv, and was in the Israeli military in Unit 8200.” That Israeli cyberwarfare unit is behind the AI – artificial intelligence – programs Israel is using to accelerate its extermination campaign in Gaza. Paul gives us a update on Tech for Palestine, a coalition of thousands of people in the tech industry working towards Palestinian freedom.

Nora Barrows-Friedman, Asa Winstanley, Ali Abunimah and Jon Elmer of The Electronic Intifada were joined by tech innovator and founder Paul Biggar, and Aseel Mousa, a long-time contributor to The Electronic Intifada from Gaza, now in Cairo, on the day 194 livestream.

You can watch the entire broadcast here:

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