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Fraud in Internal Primaries of the Far-Right Venezuelan Opposition

Alvaro Enrique Saldivia Lopez

Oct 31, 2023

The conspiring fascist minority of the Venezuelan opposition openly committed election fraud when María "Con Ira" Machado via SUMATE, stole the Venezuelan far-right sector's primaries. The estimated, ridiculously low turnout was 598,000 Venezuelans, which is less than 3% of the electoral roll. This oligarch proclaimed himself with a supposed 93% of the 598,000 votes, leaving 1% and 0.5% for each of the other candidates.

Official authorities have denounced the fraud

The President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Dr. Jorge Rodríguez, exposed the fraud.

This fraud did not necessitate technical support from the National Electoral Council, the sole electoral authority in Venezuela. The primary commission of this small opposition sector handed over the organization of these primaries to SUMATE, an NGO founded and directed by María "Con Ira" Machado.

All the mass media of the Anglo-Zionist disinformation empire sold the fraud on their front pages as a resounding triumph of the disqualified fascist coup leader - granddaughter of slavers - María "Con Ira" Machado.

The President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Dr. Jorge Rodríguez, stated: "This fraud has no connection with the people because it is the upper bourgeoisie that was trying to define its course" and declared: "There is no way that a disqualified person can participate in the presidential elections!"

Dr. Jorge Rodríguez continued: "This fraud did not guarantee the universal principle of an election that is one elector, one vote. In Venezuela, how is that guaranteed in a natural election? Why is there a biometric fingerprint capture that determines who the elector is to vote, and there is also indelible ink? Here, not only was there no indelible ink, there was no fingerprint capture, it was not presented on the identity card, but a person could vote several times in different voting centers."

He continued by commenting on the characteristics and elements of a fair election and contrasted it with the number of irregularities in the process organized, saying: "Then at the end of the process, there must be a scrutiny."..."It is an element where all people can be there and must be there, to certify that this happened, and then certify that the result in the minutes is the same number that is in the votes."..."The principle of one elector, one vote annuls any election."

"In the CNE in Venezuela, when an election is organized, the operating software of the best in the world is audited, the minutes are set to zero, the logistical capacity of the installation of the voting tables is audited, the electoral process is audited because all the witnesses see that the machines started at zero; if there is an eventuality, it has to be reported. The minutes are printed and shared with the witnesses, and that is an audit; they are transmitted, and that is another audit, they are totaled, and that is another audit, and also 54% of the total votes are counted. Now that is an election!"..."Show the truth even just once!" Exclaimed the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela.

Representative Mario Silva, in his program La Hojilla, mentioned SUMATE, a company with extensive experience in electoral and other frauds in Venezuela and belonging to María Ira Machado, in 2004 between February and March, it was the same one that organized the collection of flat signatures.

Mario said: "We demonstrated in a city called El Tigre, in the state of Anzoátegui and in the east of the country, that we had one person sign 786 times. We were able to demonstrate it because that person put their fingerprint on the forms 768 times." "They are thieves, scammers; they always have been."

Granddaughter of Slave Traders

María "Con Ira" Machado, gave statements to the press with a seven-star flag, insulting in an act of stateless and vassal hatred the National Flag of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its symbols, and its Constitution! This act was denounced by Venezuelans of various political leanings, both pro-government and opposition.

María "Con Ira" Machado self-proclamation: "I have received a mandate, a mandate to achieve the defeat of Nicolás Maduro. I am committed to all Venezuelans to achieve that mandate. Our victory in 2024 is a fact."

After that post-fraud self-proclamation, she said that she was already discussing the transition with the authorities in Washington.

Tweet from María "Con Ira" Machado: "I just had a wonderful conversation with the great writer Mario Vargas Llosa."

Mario Vargas Llosa is María "Con Ira" Machado's tutor and part of her financing from the Atlas Network.

Tweet from Florida Senator Narco Rubio  

Bootlicking traitor and puppet Juan Guaidó reacted with his accustomed sycophantic worship of his Imperial Sith Lords.

The primary election day among opponents had its starting point in its chaotic development. A manual process, logistically deficient, without technological support. The hypernucleation of electoral centers was a clear characteristic that it was an "election day" deliberately designed to be slow, disorderly, and generating queues.

From the above, it is evident that this is actually a fundamentally political-communicational event based on an exercise in projecting the opposition's strength.

The National Primary Commission (CNdP), under allegations of an alleged "external disturbance" against its website, has not given definitive and conclusive results. The opposition's inflated "estimates" numbers abound, between 1.8 million to 2.3 million voters. In the best case, this is equivalent to 11.5% of the Permanent Electoral Register.

If compared to the last opposition primaries in 2012, in which 17.5% participated, there are doubts about the political success of what happened on October 22 in terms of the call. Especially if one considers that this sector of the opposition carried out enormous media deployment, political mobilizations of multiple candidates, and a lot of resource insertion into political organizations for more than a year.

In other words: the general achievement of the primaries is minuscule compared to the effort to achieve it.

The election was not competitive. It was evident that María Corina Machado would win, especially after the withdrawal of the most competitive candidates at the beginning, such as Benjamín Rausseo and Henrique Capriles. Thus, the overall purpose of the vote was lost in the end.

She did achieve the objective of placing the electoral route at the center of interest among her followers, although this is not reflected mathematically. More opponents participated on November 21, 2021, when the regional and municipal mega-elections were held.

The complaints against Vente Venezuela (VV), SUMATE, and the CNdP are multiple. The most relevant were from Carlos Prosperi, who served as a Democratic Action candidate. An election without a real impact of the G3+1 political parties organically weakens the electoral prospects of that opposition sector as a whole for 2024.

Furthermore, in a non-competitive election without real political benefits for many actors, it has created unnecessary wounds such as mistrust and the breakdown of the electoral organization between parties and other actors—especially the "civil society" close to Machado.

The most difficult questions come back to the fore now, the day after the "election."

Autoproclamation 2.0: Machado aspires to be Empress of Venezuela

The possibility of fraud to orient the election excessively in favor of Machado fosters a new, complex scenario, in any case: it creates wounds and reduces the possibility that another candidate politically qualified under national laws, although defeated and well-positioned in the election, could assume the unitary candidacy in case the disqualification against VV's policy is maintained.

Due to the above, there are greater obstacles to achieving an opposition consensus to elect an alternative candidate. This dispute has not been resolved, they have not defined a method, and the possibility is strengthened that, in the event that Machado fails to register with the National Electoral Council in 2024, she would appoint a candidate without consensus with the G3+1.

In the event that a consensus is not achieved between the G3+1 and Machado to elect an alternate candidate, another candidate who has not participated in the primary would emerge. Which will make it a completely failed, useless, and ephemeral event.

The bad taste of a primary kidnapped by Machado generates other aspects, as is the entire destiny of the opposition. She herself has said she wants to interfere in other opposition structures, such as the Democratic Unitary Platform — of which she is not a part, although it gave her the opportunity to participate in the primary. He wants to influence the negotiating team with the Bolivarian Government through the Norwegian Instrument and even the leadership of the National Assembly elected in 2015 — without political ties or real ascendancy in Venezuelan politics.

So there are more problems for the rest of the opponents.

Due to the above, the possibility is reinforced that, faced with a Machado who is disqualified until the presidential elections, another actor will emerge in the G3, if she wants to impose Delsa Solórzano, Andrés Caleca - the next most voted candidates on October 22 — or someone who does not enjoy the support of the G3.

In general terms, the opposition primaries did not fulfill their essential objective: to unite the opposition.

No volverán! No se vistan que NO van!

Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Venceremos!!!

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