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Druggies and homeless row in Frankfurt—the West’s social degeneracy everywhere in the open

Irina Lvovna Boyko

Aug 31, 2022

Germany, the richest country in the EU, like the US, Britain, etc., cannot avoid showing the degeneracy of its society, especially in its aimless youth, many of which are among the "losers" in the capitalist game. The footage is of a street in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our correspondent Irina has sent us this video, which is plenty eloquent. She adds:

"Superfluous, useless people. This is Frankfurt (although not specified - on the Main or on the Oder), the central streets of the city, people inject drugs in the middle of the day. Rubbish everywhere, homeless people lying on the sidewalks..."

Well, there is a song in the theme "We get high".

I'm afraid to assume, that this is Frankfurt an der Oder. It was the first German border town, that the Soviet train Moscow-Wünsdorf entered in the GDR. The train arrived there at night. A toy town, with peacefully sleeping houses, neat clean streets, with Trabants standing in parking lots in neat, orderly lines. German customs officers entered the carriages to check passports. They were strict but unfailingly polite. And with a slightly funny German accent, they always pronounced in Russian, apparently difficult words for them to pronounce - Hello and Goodbye. Such a nice East Germany in my memories. And where are you?

- Irina

If you think this is Russki propaganda, think again. The dispatch below was filed in 2015 by a reporter working for VICE, a Western journo outfit many say is heavily infiltrated by the CIA.

Inside the Devastation of Germany's Crack Capital

This article was originally published in the Greanville Post.

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