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Brazil: Prosecutors Denounce Other 139 Coup Perpetrators


Feb 17, 2023

On Tuesday, Brazil's Attorney General's Office denounced 139 other people for their participation in the January 8 assault on the three branches of government in Brasilia.

Of the 139 accused, "137 people were arrested in flagrante delicto inside the Planalto Palace (headquarters of the Presidency) on January 8, and another two people were arrested in the Three Powers Square with firecrackers, knives, tear gas cartridges and material to make homemade explosives of the Molotov cocktail type," the Prosecutor's Office said in a statement.

They are charged with the crimes of armed criminal association, violent abolition of the democratic rule of law, coup d'état and damage to the patrimony of the Union.

Judge Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), will decide whether there are elements to accept the complaint and open a proceeding against the defendants.

With this new group, a total of 835 people have been accused of participating in the coup attacks. Among them, 645 people are considered inciters without direct participation in the assault on the public buildings of the Three Powers Square.

Another 189 are considered executors, being directly responsible for the acts of vandalism, and one public agent was denounced for omission.

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