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Orinoco Tribune

Mar 29, 2024

The current popular expressions of protest and rage in Haiti are the beginnings of a social revolution, said journalist Kim Ives of the Haitian media outlet Haïti Liberté. "The slogan in Haitian demonstrations since I was a kid has been: One solution, revolution. And I think that's what we're seeing. We're seeing a revolution," he said during an interview given to Orinoco Tribune on Friday, March 22. "This is Haiti's second social revolution, which is where the means of production change hands, that is, the factories, the land, the banks, the stores, the foundations of the economy change ownership to the underclass," he continued. "And this is a very messy problem. It hasn't been easy in any revolution, whether it's Russian, Chinese, Cuban, you name it. It's been a protracted long-term period, and those revolutions had organized communist parties leading them. In this case, you don't have an organized communist party... So I think it's very easy to infiltrate it and to disrupt it and to confuse it and to destabilize it when you don't have that core party of seasoned militants, but nonetheless, Haitians have shown determination." Kim Ives is a journalist, documentary-maker, and an authority on Haitian issues. He is one of the founders of the weekly newspaper Haïti Liberté, where he is a writer and an editor. Previously, he wrote, edited, and photographed for Haïti Progrès for 23 years. He has also written for numerous other publications such as The Guardian, The Nation, The Intercept, The Progressive, Jacobin, and NACLA Report on the Americas. Some of his well-known documentaries include Bitter Cane, Ayisyen Leve Kanpe, The Coup Continues, Killing the Dream, and Rezistans. His most recent work is the documentary series Another Vision: Inside Haiti’s Uprising, jointly directed with Dan Cohen. Ives is a member of Crowing Rooster Arts, a film collective specializing in films on Haiti. He is also one of the four pundits in the very popular Kreyòl-language two-hour Sunday afternoon program Haiti en Ondes/Serum Verité, broadcast on Radio Panou, based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a frequent guest on radio and television networks and shows, including Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, CGTN, National Public Radio, The Hill, The Real News Network, and several Pacifica Network and Progressive Radio Network programs. He is a founding member of the International Support Haiti Network (ISHN), formerly the Haiti Support Network (HSN), and has led numerous delegations to Haiti since 1986 to investigate human rights violations, union struggles, peasant land conflicts, and state-enterprise privatization campaigns. On March 22, Orinoco Tribune interviewed him on the current socio-political situation in Haiti, the so-called gang violence problem, the looming US invasion, and the geopolitical effect of the Haitian crisis.

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