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Dec 22, 2023

Ambassador Alex Saab assisted the Venezuelan people during the toughest years of the U.S. blockade, President Maduro recalled.

On Thursday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro highlighted that truth and justice triumphed with the liberation of diplomat Alex Saab, who spent 1,280 days kidnapped in the United States.

"We achieved what some considered impossible," he said during a meeting to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Bolivarian National Police (CPNB) and the Scientific, Penal, and Criminalistic Investigations Corps (CICPC).

"As I stated from the first day they kidnapped Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, sooner rather than later, the day would come when we rescue him. We achieved the victory of truth and justice," President Maduro emphasized.

He also highlighted the work done by Saab, who assisted the Venezuelan people during the toughest years of the U.S. blockade against the Bolivarian nation.

"Alex Saab was an unknown but very patriotic entrepreneur. In the toughest years of the U.S. sanctions, he took the lead to overcome the blockade... When the missiles of economic sanctions rained down on us, Saab and other patriots stood at the forefront to bring the food we did not produce in Venezuela," recalled Maduro.

During his meeting with the police and criminalistic scientists, the Venezuelan president also addressed the issue of the defense of the Guyana Esequiba.

"We fought a good fight for the truth of Venezuela. On Dec. 3, we had a great victory in the public opinion, defending our historical rights on the Guyana Esequiba," said Maduro, who also referred to the meeting with Guyana's President Irfaan Ali that took place in St. Vincent & the Grenadines on Dec. 14.

"In that historic meeting... we emerged victorious with the Bolivarian Diplomacy for Peace... Although the President of Guyana did not want to, he sat down to a face-to-face dialogue and we placed the issue in the scope of Latin America and the Caribbean."

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