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Delilah Barrios: Why Run as a Green Party Candidate? a Tara Reade clip

Nov 13, 2022

Delilah Barrios is running for Texas Governor in 2022 as the Green Party candidate. She is Latina/Indigenous & Working Class, mother of three beautiful children, an activist and organizer.

Key Policy Positions:

- Regulate Pollution & Fracking

- Fight Corruption from the Oil & Gas Industry

- Climate Action - Legalize Recreational Cannabis

- Criminal Justice Reform - Power to the People

- Medicare for All Y’All!

- Marriage Equality

- 2nd Amendment Rights

- Basic Income Guarantee

- Reproductive Rights

Please follow Tara & support her work - here are all the links:



YouTube:    / tarareadeauthor  

Rokfin (Ad-Free Video!):




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